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Robb Darula’s love for crafting metals began in his family’s workshop in which he displayed an almost intuitive talent for creating simple yet elegant jewelry. The Connecticut born artist and creator of award winning custom jewelry and art-to-wear began his quest for the perfect design in his earliest years.

Robb studied diamonds, colored stones and gem cutting, earning a graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. Robb went on to study the art of apraising fine jewelry. He studied stone sculpting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Robb’s passion for crafting stone led him to Bali where he worked with the native masters. In 1988 his studio, From Earth to Art, was born from the artist’s desire to create classically inspired modern masterpieces.

A 1990 prospecting journey to Tanzania led to an auspicious partnership in a mining company and the creation of JUA Gem. The mines produce Tanzanite, Tsavorite Garnet, Sapphire, Chrome Tourmaline, Rhodalite Garnet and Rubies of extraordinary quality. Robb’s commercial gem business, JUA Gem, sells to jewelers worldwide, and provides the artist with the finest gemstones for his works of art-to-wear. Many of the raw materials in Robb’s creations are pulled from the prehistoric rivers and volcanic pipes of Tanzania by his own hands.

With a finely honed skill in gem cutting and an eye for unique faceting Robb transforms raw gemstones into jewels of uncommon quality, enhancing their beauty with meticulously crafted settings. Robb’s jewelry is literally transformed “from earth to art” by the harmony of his vision with his skilled hands. Robb’s connection to the elemental energies developed through captaining his seagoing sailboat and practicing T’ai Chi, Nei Kung and Yoga is evident in the “flow” of his work, which shows his natural eye for both form and function.

Robb designs and creates art-to-wear and custom jewelry pieces for collectors, enthusiasts and galleries in select locations throughout the world. Recently Robb was commissioned to produce a Pectoral Cross and Episcopal Ring for the Consecration of Pierre Welte Whalon, Bishop in Charge for the Convocation of American Churches in Europe. The one of a kind Pectoral Cross is lobed and transparent, inlaid with antique cushion cabochon cut amethysts.

Robb enjoys both public and private showings of his works, and developing personalized designs for his clients. Recently Robb was awarded First Place at the Mystic Art Festival for the second straight year. From his studio overlooking the Mystic River in Mystic, CT, Robb creates jewelry of unsurpassed quality and timeless beauty.